Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o. specializes in production of small batches and complicated aluminium castings produced in sand, mould and mixed technology.



odlewnia aluminium



We also execute heat treatment of aluminium castings: T1, T4, T5 and T6. We execute precipitation hardening for the following alloys: AlSi7Mg0,3; Alsi7Mgo,6; AlSi9Mg; AlSi10Mg, AlCu5MgMn, AlCu4Ti; Alsi4MgTi; AlZn10Si8Mg. This processing causes the raise of the edurance characteristics of castings by 100%, thanks to that we receive Rm higher than 400 MPa.


The castings with the weight in range:

tak  0,1 - 150 kg - are produced in gravity moulds, manual, pneumatic and hydraulic.     

tak  20 - 500 kg - are produced in urethane technology so called 'No Bake' with usage of chemically hardened resins in sand forms with usage of mixer- duster device by EUROTEK with capacity of 3800 kg of mass/hour.



odlewnia aluminium


Mixer- duster by EUROTEK ECOMIX. Capacity 3800 kg of mass/hour.   


picture: Mixer- duster by EUROTEK ECOMIX


odlewnia aluminium


Melting station equipped with electric heating furnaces PET type with capacity from 70 up to 600 kg.


picture: Electric heating furnaces PET type


odlewnia aluminium


Heat treatment is executed in pit furnaces PEGAT type with the depth of 1500mm and 3000mm and in box ovens PEK type with the maximum dimensions of charge 2000x3000x1800.


All the heat treatment furnaces are equipped with Agilent monitoring 34970A by Helwett-Packard which supports data registering and data back-up concerning the process of heat treatment and work of furnaces.


picture: Heat treatment furnace


odlewnia aluminium


We possess the four permanent mould casting machine by GAUSS PFC CA1600 which can co- operate with the pouring robot CREB and two furnaces holding the metal with the capacity of 600 kg. 

Maximum dimensions of these machines are: 2000x1000x1500mm. 

The pouring robot CREB - steering of five axis, load capacity 30 kg. 


picture: permanent mould casting machine by GAUSS