For designing of aluminium castings we use the following technology: CAD/CAM/CNC, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics NX and Edgecam. As for the execution of models, core- boxes, moulds and negatives on CNC we take advantage of flat documentation 2D (hard copy and electronic version) and three-dimensional solids 3D received from our customers. There is also possibility to import the projects to be used by our designers by the software named Pro/ENGINEER from the external softwares in formats: STP; IGS; PAR; PARASOLID, CAT; VDA; STL.


We take advantage of the software ProCAST for computer simulation of pouring processes and solidification of castings which enables also to simulate:


  Gravity casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting, technology of full mould and In.

  Casting for mobile and immobile ceramic moulds and stable

  Casting in liquid-stable state (thixotropic)

  Direct-chill casting and strand casting


The files generated by the software Pro/ENGINEER are imported to another software named Unigraphics which supports execution and generates codes 'NC' for the purposes of CNC machines.