We possess the following measuring equippment:


  Altimeter MAHR Digimar CX2

  3 point bar gauge by Vogel

  2 point bar gauge  punktowe by Mitutoyo

  Measuring machine and gauge by Baces with the measuring range 2600 mm and i accuracy of 0,06 mm.



Machining of castings is exexuted with the usage of the following machines with CNC steering:



Numerically controlled lathe - CNC Turret VTL-801E – diameter of turning D=1300 mm.


picture: CNC Turret VTL-801E 



Milling machine CNC - YT1500LF - the size of bench 1854x610mm


 picture: CNC - YT1500LF



CNC AVIA VMC 650 - maximum sizes of machined parts X/Y/Z - 650/540/620, with maxiumum burden 620 kg.


 picture: CNC AVIA VMC 650