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About us

Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o. is the aluminium foundry localized in Starachowice in Poland and produces sand and mould castings in gravity technology. The firm also executes foundry tooling and offer additional services in form of machining on CNC machines, heat treatment, sand blasting and machining of the castings' surface, i.a. anodizing, phosphate treatment, powder and wet painting. Additionaly the firm on clients' demands execute leak-proof tests of the aluminium castings and penetration and X-Ray tests in form of co-operation with other firms.


Aluminium foundry was founded in yr. 1999 and base its statutory activity on potential and intellectual resources gained in Odlewnie Polskie S.A. In yr. 2005 the ownership of Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o. has passed to private investors.

The company possesses ISO 9001:2000 cerificate that confirms introduction and application of Quality System in range of design and execution of foundry tooling and production and machining of aluminium castings.

One of the main tasks of the firm is implementation of new technologies. The company possesses the great experience in leaning the costs of production supported by replacement of machining process of aluminium parts from rolled profiles onto the machining of casted parts.

Currently the quality of company services has been approved by our clients belonging to international corparations from the following industries:


  • railway industry – France, Germany & Belgium
  • ship industry – Poland & Germany
  • automotive industry – Germany & Sweden
  • armaments industry – Poland, England & Belarus
  • power industry – Poland
  • aerospace industry – France


To the new clients we offer fast offer preparation and production of the castings according to Just-In-Time deliveries.


For designing of aluminium castings we use the following technology: CAD/CAM/CNC, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics NX and Edgecam. As for the execution of models, core- boxes, moulds and negatives on CNC we take advantage of flat documentation 2D (hard copy and electronic version) and three-dimensional solids 3D received from our customers. There is also possibility to import the projects to be used by our designers by the software named Pro/ENGINEER from the external softwares in formats: STP; IGS; PAR; PARASOLID, CAT; VDA; STL.

 We take advantage of the software ProCAST for computer simulation of pouring processes and solidification of castings which enables also to simulate:


  • Gravity casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting, technology of full mould and In.
  • Casting for mobile and immobile ceramic moulds and stable
  • Casting in liquid-stable state (thixotropic)
  • Direct-chill casting and strand casting


The files generated by the software Pro/ENGINEER are imported to another software named Unigraphics which supports execution and generates codes 'NC' for the purposes of CNC machines.


Pattern Shop

 Pattern shop is highly specialized and modern department with long lasting experience which offer the following services:


  •  Execution of foundry tooling, models, moulds and core boxes from steel, aluminium and non- ferrous metals
  • Moulds from grey and spheroidal iron
  • Negatives of models and prototype tooling from resin
  • Assembly of models on the plates, the set of models and final machining of core boxes
  • Adaptation of models' set between various casting technologies
  • Execution of 3D models in Pro/ENGINEER software
  • Execution of tools' paths for machining of models on CNC machines
  • Implementing of technology allowance such as: rake of the walls, machining allowance and casting shrinkage
  • Machining in Pro/ENGINEER software 
  • Generation of 3D solids of models and core boxes basing on model of the casting
  • Generation of tool's paths in EDGECAM software for purposes of CNC AVIA VMC 650 machine 


 The models and their negatives are being executed on vertical machining centre AVIA VMC 650.

The maximum dimensions of milled models are: X/Y/Z 650/540/620 and maximum burden is 620 kg.


Aluminium Foundry

Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o. specializes in production of small batches and complicated aluminium castings produced in sand, mould and mixed technology.



We also execute heat treatment of aluminium castings: T1, T4, T5 and T6. We execute precipitation hardening for the following alloys: AlSi7Mg0,3; Alsi7Mgo,6; AlSi9Mg; AlSi10Mg, AlCu5MgMn, AlCu4Ti; Alsi4MgTi; AlZn10Si8Mg. This processing causes the raise of the edurance characteristics of castings by 100%, thanks to that we receive Rm higher than 400 MPa.


The castings with the weight in range:

  • 0,1 - 150 kg - are produced in gravity moulds, manual, pneumatic and hydraulic.     
  • 20 - 500 kg - are produced in urethane technology so called 'No Bake' with usage of chemically hardened resins in sand forms with usage of mixer- duster device by EUROTEK with capacity of 3800 kg of mass/hour.


We possess the following measuring equippment:


  • Altimeter MAHR Digimar CX2
  • 3 point bar gauge by Vogel
  • 2 point bar gauge  punktowe by Mitutoyo
  • Measuring machine and gauge by Baces with the measuring range 2600 mm and i accuracy of 0,06 mm.


Machining of castings is exexuted with the usage of the following machines with CNC steering:

Quality control

 The quality of our products is controlled by the following the guidelines of ISO 9001:2001 procedure and stable assurance of high and stable level of quality. Executing the Qulaity Policy of our firm we wish to obtain the mark of firm which steady raises the quality of products as well as the satisfaction of our customers and our employees.


The quality control and quality goals are being carried out by the following concepts:


  • The rich experience of our employees in various parts of firm's performance
  • Co- operation with such firms which privide the quality products and services for our firm
  • Application and documenation of actions raising the quality
  • Monitoring of the world's technology progress
  • Use of the newest since achievements and steady imporvemement of our own production possibilities
  • Use of Just-in-Time concept according to Lean Managment System 
  • Prevention of araising the flawed products and services not meeting the demands of our customers
  • Control and minimization of costs in the place they occur
  • Reduction of negative influence of technological process on natural environment


For execution of Quality Policy there was introduced and implemented Management Quality System consistent with requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standards.



Aluminium Alloys

Hereby we present the aluminium alloys that are being used for production of aluminium castings by Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o. 


EN AC-21000 AlCu4MgTi   EN AC-44200 AlSi12(A)   EN AC-46400 AlSi9Cu1Mg
EN AC-21100 AlCu4Ti   EN AC-44300 AlSi12(Fe)   EN AC-46500 AlSi9Cu3(Fe)(Zn)
EN AC-41000 AlSi2MgTi   EN AC-44400 AlSi9   EN AC-46600 AlSi7Cu2
EN AC-42000 AlSi7Mg   EN AC-45000 AlSi6Cu4   EN AC-47000 AlSi12(Cu)
EN AC-42100 AlSi7Mg0,3   EN AC-45100 AlSi5Cu3Mg   EN AC-47100 AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
EN AC-42200 AlSi7Mg0,6   EN AC-45200 Al5Cu3Mn   EN AC-48000 AlSi12CuNiMg
EN AC-43000 AlSi10MG(a)   EN AC-45300 AlSi5Cu1Mg   EN AC-51000 AlMg3(b)
EN AC-43100 AlSi10Mg(b)   EN AC-45400 AlSi5Cu3   EN AC-51100 AlMg3(a)
EN AC-43200 AlSi10Mg(Cu)   EN AC-46000 AlSi9Cu3(Fe)   EN AC-51200 AlMg9
EN AC-43300 AlSi9Mg   EN AC-46100 AlSi11Cu2(Fe)   EN AC-51300 AlMg5
EN AC-43400 AlSi10Mg(Fe9)   EN AC-46200 AlSi8Cu3   EN AC-51400 AlMg5(Si)
EN AC-44000 AlSi11   EN AC-46300 AlSi7Cu3Mg   EN AC-71000 AlZn5Mg
EN AC-44100 AlSi12(B)            


Instytut Wdrożeń i Technologii Sp. z o.o.
inż. Władysława Rogowskiego 16 B street
27-200 Starachowice, Poland


VAT PL 664-18-37-456 | REGON 291033962 | KRS 0000109383


 For contact in english please refer to Mr Maciej Dutkiewicz.


Waldemar Nowak
production director

phone +48 606 615 871

Robert Trzos
head of aluminium foundry

phone +48 664 920 658


Maciej Dutkiewicz
marketing specialist

phone +48 791 339 123

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